Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Drabble: Practice

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Axel, Demyx
Prompt: some water along with the phrase "that's hot"
Rating: PG
Requester: bloodthirstylt
A/N: Demyx with his act of being such a coward, but also the first Organization XIII member to actually take combat all the way to his death, always confused me while I was playing KH2. So it was nice to get to touch on that.

Axel never did much see the point to practices, but his distaste for them was nothing compared to Demyx's shrill avoidance. Still, when Xenmas said jump…

"You got the wrong guy!" Demyx protested. "I don't fight!"

Axel fired off two fire bolts from his Chakrams.

Demyx yelped and dove behind a bush, which burst into flame with another bolt.

"Aagggh! That's hot!!"

An arpeggio sounded, trilled and liquid. Axel had no chance. All the garden fountain's water hit him, sweeping him off his feet.

Then Demyx stood over him, his voice empty, "I told you, you got the wrong guy…"
Tags: drabble, fanfic, writing

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