Word Dump

Sorry about the huge word dump, but I finally screwed up my courage to finally POST stuff here. I've been oddly afraid. *laughs*

Don't know why, as I get far better responses here than anywhere else; but I think I just felt like everything I've written for the last couple of months has just sucked... *sighs*

I'm going to finish the next Twin Souls chapter and then open up for drabble requests here. *hugs everyone* Thanks so much for sticking with me through a very dry summer.

*laughs* I love your icon. That's so perfect for this.

Yup. Dry dry summer...
Hey there sweets - now don't say that I really love your writing. I shall have to put a drabble challenge for you I think :)
Yeah, I'll probably do a post about it with a full list of fandoms and stuff. *hugs you happily*