Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Bleach 374

It broke my heart. *sighs*

Even though I won the bet, I think. I did say I thought it was most likely to be Shunsui... and I was very, very glad to see him and see him released. Though I don't think that's his bankai... just his released swords. We'll have to see.

... it just seemed... fair, in the way all the old stories are fair, even as Shunsui's released swords are both capricious and fair along a set of rules that have to be guessed.

But Stark's story just broke my heart. Especially when he says at least give me someone as strong as I am... gods, Shunsui and Stark would be such the pairing. *laughs* I'm in love with Stark for all the same reason I'm glad Shunsui has Ukitake.

I hope. *crosses fingers to not JINX IT, damnit*

But Stark got hit through the heart, too and he's not dead yet, so I have some hope for the white-haired one.
Tags: bleach
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