This made me laugh a lot, amused me immensely... many thanks mysocalledhell!!

Very cleverly done!

(On a totally unrelated note, he's got quite a nice voice.)
Made me giggle, too. Kinda sad though in that many people wouldn't find those questions odd/rude if asked of a gay person.
Yeah... it is kind of sad...

But also... kinda makes this for me in a way, as it does highlight just how rude those remarks and questions come across when they're turned around.
Nice. Now I'm losing time watching his other random videos.
Haha, awesome! XD
I sooo want to try taking this on my cassmates, maybe they'll understand how I feel. XD
Well, maybe not, and it's really childish, probably, but for the amusement's sake, haha... XD
It would be NICE to think that this could change their minds. *laughs* But oh well...
Yeah, would be nice, indeed. But like I said, that video was really awesome. People seeing that should understand how stupid it sounds. XD Oh, and thanks for the add. ^_^
As Yutaka Ozaki so nicely put it: Love is not just for one. But for all. ^_^
It is!

It's one of those things that really brought home to me just how rude some of those question would be in a different context... interesting, all in all...