Drabble: Making Room

Requester: silawen
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Kyouraku Nanao
Prompt: Reflection

Sometimes, when he saw his sweet Nanao-chan sitting at her desk, eyes intent, working over a report, Shunsui would close his eyes.

Nanao-chan was herself, no other.

When she pushed up her glasses, girding herself for battle with bureaucracies or to order the other Seats to prepare for an attack, he would remember. The flash of light obscuring her eyes, the set to her shoulders, and that steady voice all mirrored a memory he held close to his heart.

There were no regrets. He had to give them the room to grow stronger.

And yet... he made time for reflection.

I have been! Thanks!! *grins* I've got like... uhm... a dozen more... *laughs*
*laughs* Wow, I underestimated THAT.

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Aw, bless, that's lovely! Thank you so much. I just love it when Shunsui gets thoughtful.

Again, thanks for writing this. It's much appreciated. ^^
I'm so glad you asked for it! You're very welcome and I'm glad that it pleased.

He is fun when he's really thinking...
Oh goodness that was lovely.

Ever since the pendulum chapters I've wondered if Kyouraku had any inkling that Lisa was still alive. And just as hard I've wondered how freaking happy he was to get kick in the face by her again. XD

Though it hurts my heart to think how Nanao might feel to see Lisa again. Elated and despondent all at once, I wonder...
*beams* Yeah... it's a great question... and I think he was pretty amazingly happy to get kicked in the face by her again, too. *laughs*

Yeah... poor Nanao. It'd be odd to see ones reflection, changed... especially if she looked up to Lisa the way it seems she would from those chapters.