Drabble: Coming Home

Requester: theablackthorn
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ukitake/Kyouraku/Starrk
Prompt: Home

When the strange, split reiatsu flooded over Jyuushiro's doorstep, he felt Shunsui, who had been asleep on the roof, suddenly stir and appear by his side in a pop of flash step.

They opened the front door together.

A slender man with long dark hair and a girl with a smile like new morning stood there. Jyuushiro stepped out into the sunshine and handed her a piece of candy.

"You two survived us," the man stated.

"Can we stay with you?" asked the girl.

"Certainly," Shunsui answered.

Jyuushiro thought that answer for both, but added his own touch. "Welcome home."

You're welcome! I'm very glad you liked it, and I loved the prompt... *laughs*
Awww. Totally aww.

Yes. One would like to hope that some day this happens.

That's wonderful.

(unrelated comment - I love the journal layout!)

I had fun putting it together... the photo's from a frozen creek the boys and I explored last year... and the rocks and ice just caught me. And our weather's starting to change, so it felt good to change the layout with the season.
Wow, this was just...perfect. And so heartwarming.

:puddle of awww:
I think he would be, too. Hee.

I really want to write the two of them drinking sometime. *grins*

Thank you!
Hee! Thank you! It was incandescen's idea, in some sense, but I liked it a lot. Hee.

Kubo, do you see this?! This is what should happen. :) Oh, Starrk. ♥ Lilinette &hearts. I'm going to miss them.

But this was so sweet. :)
I'm going to miss all the Espada, too. As if I needed any more reason to hate Aizen... having all of them destroyed for HIS goals would do...


It was fun to write and think a bit about more...
WOW! Oh I want to see this happen so badly.

Sadly with the ubiquitous flashback I don't see it happening. *cries*
KT never seems to follow any of the cleansed Hollows after...

So, yeah, I don't think it's going to happen, either... but I *want* it to! *laughs*