Drabble: Sunrise

Requester: theodosa
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Jyuushiro Byakuya
Prompt: Role Models
as per this post

Tea steamed gently in Jyuushiro's hands. He lifted it to sip, and the green grass scent of it filled his nose even as the gentle acridity and bitterness filled his mouth.

Byakuya cradled a red pine fired Bizen teacup in his slender hands, the rough textures a pleasing contrast against the white silk of his skin.

They both sipped their tea and watched the sunrise in companionable silence. When reveille sounded, they both rose with empty cups.

Byakuya bowed. "Thank you for this morning's instruction, senpai."

Jyuushiro bowed back, "I have enjoyed your companionship. Thank you."

Byakuya smiled and left.

Thank you, this is wonderful! It's really nice to see them being calm & happy together, and Byakuya's thanks for "this morning's instruction" made me laugh. I love it when people understand each other so well they don't require words. And the implication that Jyuushiro is Byakuya's role model... well, it just made me happy. ^_^
You're very welcome! And I'm glad you enjoyed it and it's always cool to have readers that get what I imply. *laughs* I love making folks happy, so thank you, so much!!
I love your style of writing - it's so amazingly graceful <3
Another great drabble sweet. It think these two would have a very nice teacher/student bond :)
Hee... I can so see Bya all formal in his thanks with Jyuu wearing that sweet little smile.
What a quiet and lovely moment.

It does make me wonder how tea used to be when Byakuya was a little hellion though. *laughs*
"I don't wanna!!" Tea splashed all over the paper walls, leaving a wide splattered mark on the pristine screens as the cup hit the wooden floor with a crack. Brilliant green and golden brown shards flew in every direction.

Ginrei frowned. "Do you have any idea how much that Ohi-Yaki piece is worth?"

"I don't care, it was ugly and I don't want that bitter tea," Byakuya pouted.

"That was the lives of five hundred people for a year," his grandfather said sadly.

Byakuya blushed bright red, but he growled, "Then why did you let me use it?"

"Because the heir to Kuchiki should be worth much more."
Oh you sly woman. Taking my what if like that and turning it into a prompt. XD

Very effective teacher there Grandpa. Now if only Byakuya could have kept some of his feelings visible rather than stuffing them all so far down.

*giggles* Yes, it would have been better if he hadn't chopped them ALL OFF. Ahem...

XDD It wasn't really... uhm...

The idea just grabbed me and it was 108 words in the original comment here. *laughs* Didn't have to work it much.