Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Drabble: What's Best

Requester: baka_mazoku
Fandom: Battle Angel Alita
Characters: Daisuke Ido, Desty Nova
Prompt: "What is best in life." -- Conan
as per this post

Desty Nova ate his flan. Sweet custard coated his tongue and made him happy even as he watched tall, blond Daisuke Ido poke through his stuff.

"Do you remember anything?"

"Well, this is a neural adjustment tool, and that works for attaching control loops. I remember how to use them." Daisuke said soberly.

"But nothing of when you've used them?" The memory of bloodsplatter came to the mad scientist.

"I think it worked." Daisuke smiled wanly. "I can go on."

The scientist nodded.

"I need to find the good in life."

Desty Nova waved his spoon. "My best is here."

Tags: drabble, fanfic
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