Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A deadline tomorrow. John's parents left this morning. I am sad, mildly. But it's a good deadline, and I'm hitting it pretty well.

Jet's in a great mood. He played at Joan's, napped, and then played with me and we went out walking outside. He had no concept as to why I wouldn't let him walk on the street, so he yelled and kicked and bucked while I walked on the busy parts with him in my arms and then we explored, maybe, ten yards of cul de sac road. Quiet of traffic, but there was lots of dandelions, grass, gravel, and other stuff for Jet to explore. He was especially fascinated by our shadows. That was fun.

Tomorrow, the New Facility.

Friday, I felt like a cross-dresser in my very snazzy, silver Zoot, but we went to a really formal restaurant with really great food, friendly service, and I shot my worry brain as soon as we walked in the door and enjoyed myself thoroughly and got cheerfully complimented by our waitress and the maitre de. Nice. I finally figured it's impossible to hide at all in that suit, so I just walked it the way the suit really deserved to be shown and it was funny to watch how fast heads turned for both John and I.

Saturday was dim sum and a thorough raid of the local Asian markets. I bought nearly five pounds of cross-cut short ribs because I was thoroughly craving Korean BBQ/teriyaki'ed short ribs. They're little, thin things, alone, but they really taste good and we don't need that many. I found out, though, that even the Asian markets buy them pre-cut and frozen. I image some butchering company freezing the short ribs and sawing them perfectly thin and then packaging them for the markets, so I don't think I'm going to be able to get any local butcher to do that by hand. So I think I have a few month's worth, now.

Sunday was Isabel and George's last day with Jet and they made full use of it. That was pretty satisfying to see. They really enjoy their grandson, and he enjoys them a lot. He even ran to Isabel to hug her when he realized they were going 'Bye-bye' to him... he actually ran to her, crawled down the stairs to the basement, ran around their bed, laughing at all the Stuff they had spread out there, and then gave her a big hug before he would go back with me, upstairs, to go to sleep. Wow.

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