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I am... uhm... officially functional, so far as my lung capacity goes. I finally went over the 70% mark today, which isn't as good as fully-functional lungs in an adult female human being my size and weight, but it is much better than I was a year and a half ago, when I started my whole allergy thing. It has the additional feature of being classified as "functional" again, which I wasn't before. Dunno if that'll be of any help with respect to insurance, but that's life. I'm still on all my meds and shots and stuff, but there's more indications that I can win back more breathing space for the long run, and the exercise is good for me anyway.

Went to the doctor's for a half year check-up and got my prescriptions and we tested my capacity. That was good. I'm better off than when I started, but not where I'd be as comfortable climbing Pike's Peak or running a marathon as a normal person would be. My asthma has also been largely under control this summer, especially compared to last summer, and even when we were up at altitude in Wyoming, I didn't actually feel it as badly this year.

So hoorah!

I've been painting and knitting and haven't been good at getting pictures of everything. I need to start doing that again, but I've been finding the drabbles so interesting lately, that I've been pretty much spending my time on that, but I was so low-grade anxious about the checkup today I slept really badly last night, and I'm kind of trashed today, so no brain for writing. But I can ride my exercise bike!

I finished the Fullmetal Alchemist anime and was mildly disappointed in the whole ending arc. It wasn't satisfying given all the other promises from the other plot elements. I'll admit I'm not a very good critique person because I used to just like everything, but now I have this weird feeling about how a story *should* end, and I can tell, even with my drabbles, when it *doesn't* end right, so I usually keep them until they do. And oddly enough, for me, the first anime series just... didn't end right. It looks like it was trying to keep things open for a sequel.

Jet and I finished all the published books of Oishinbo, the foodie manga, and we both enjoyed it tremendously. The sake volume alone was WELL worth buying just so that I can now have Shunsui wax lyrical about the nuances and flavors of all the different types of sake there are... and how they differ from wine and other spirits. *laughs* And he and I came across more names of more breweries in that book than we could even pronounce. Lovely details on the process of making sake as well as noodles, goyza, sushi, sashimi, and the cultural roots for Japanese cuisine. Very fun books, not that much in the way of Art, but lots in the ways of food knowledge and discernment.

I finished Saiyuki Gaiden the manga, and was pleased, even knowing how disastrous the whole thing had to be, the telling of it pleased me well enough. Especially Tenpou's chapter and all the things he thinks about. I'll admit that I've never been a big fan of Minekura Kazuya's action sequences, but she managed to do Tenpou and Kenren justice in their parts.

I also started rereading Whistle! with Jet. It's a lot more fun with him.

Also started the second season of Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, and am finding it fascinating, as ever. It's very inspiring for my own concepts of those that blur the line between analog and digital.

And as for Bleach 375, one of the drabbles already said what I think about it. But if I needed any MORE reason to hate Aizen... that chapter provided it, along with a reason to mourn all the amazing Espada he sucked into his stupid plot.

I also really, really loved Shunsui's answer to Love's question. It makes every bit of sense to me, and has fit my concept of Shunsui from the start. He's 2000 years old and he didn't get that far by relying on style or holding his pride too dearly. The hat and the coat are clear indicators that he'd rather come across as being without class, be mistaken for what he's not, so that he can confuse his opponents. I loved that sophiap noticed that Shunsui had lost all his trappings before he came out with that bald statement of intent, he doesn't have the hat, coat, or even the Captain's coat any longer to hide behind. That once your in a fight, you're both in the wrong.

*fangirls wildly*



I'm happy with Shunsui, immensely so.
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