Drabble: Remembering

Requester: i_the_fangirl, as per this post
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Namime and Sora
Prompt: "If you still love me, please forgive me: the crown of love is not upon me."

Sora bent his head, brushing aside his wild hair. "Namine, what are you doing?"

"What I was made to do, Sora." Her reply calm and clear as she reached up to brush his cheek with the fingers of her left hand, even as her right stroked color onto paper.

"Huh?" He looked confused in that way pre-teen boys always look confused when touched by a beautiful girl.

She giggled and answered, "Remembering. I'm remembering, and keeping the memories for you, for later."

"Whew." He grinned in relief. "I thought you were going to kiss me."

Her laughter made him blush.

*giggles and cuddles Sora* Oh that is adorable!!! And so true for pre-teens! ♥

I want to finish Kingdom Hearts! And than play KH two! (only my brother exchanged his PS2 for a Wiii before I could! *pouts* If I ever end up buying a PS2 this is going to be the sole reason for it.)
The used consoles are at pretty darned good prices here. I loved KH2!! I am struggling with the first game, though, out in the Tarzan areas. Goodness. But I do love the second game a lot.

I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you!
Tarzan? What seems to be the problem? (I played that level three or four times over, courtesy of my younger brother deleting my account from his memory card because he 'wanted to make space' or, alternatively 'was mad at me'.

I never take enough time to play though and besides, I don't own a tv so I don't have anywhere to play it on.
It was all the vine swingy bits I had troubles with. *laughs*

Awww... both about the brother and no where to play it. But it's good to be able to spend the time on something other than games.
Hmmm those can be incredibly annoying... I guess the only thing to say for it is 'keep trying'. It's worth it, seriously! So many worlds to explore! So many places to be! ;)