Drabble: Home Ground

Requester: irana
Original Series: Common Ground
Characters: Kalin and Ezra
Prompt: You mean so much more than feelings can ever explain.
as per this post

Ezra breathed the coolness of the earth in the crawl space under Kalin's house.

"Will this do?" rumbled Kalin. Ezra could hear the uncertainty in his voice.

"Yes," he said, and settled on the ground with relief. "This feels... right. I'm not sure why, as I haven't really had a home for three years, but this is like that... I think?"

"Good then. I'm glad."

Ezra laughed, "Kalin, you sound so smug."

"Hey. You just told me I've made you a home, how else should I feel?"

Ezra shook his head and hugged Kalin. "That's all you need to be."

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I... am a happy pile of grinning goo right now. Kalin is also at this moment very much with the smug and happy. If he preens anymore he'll puff right out my head.
Okay that was crazy cute! I adore these two guys so full of earnest, yet not so humble. *laughs*

I think I actually miss them. ;)
Hee! I'm so glad you liked them!

Yeah... I think I miss them too... *thoughtfuls*