Drabble: Another War

Requester: ravens_rising
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ukitake/Shunsui
Prompt: reassurance
as per this post

Shunsui knelt by Jyuushiro, seeing the gaping hole the tiny Espada had put right through his chest. Unohana was in Hueco Mundo, and her lieutenant with her. The blond Third Seat worked over Jyuushiro, stopping the bleeding, holding closed musculature with blind will.

"Can I help?" he asked.

Iemura Yasochika turned to him and nodded. "Here. Connect up. I can use your reiatsu to patch him up.

When he lay down beside Jyuushiro, a slender hand crept into his, startling him: Jyuushiro was strong enough to move. Reassured, he held Jyuushiro's hand as the medic started. They'd survived another war.

*smiles* Good that it is envisageable... I keep thinking Shunsui would be more concerned and upset if Jyuushiro were further gone...
*SQUEES* I'll admit, this is the situation I was hoping for when I made that prompt, aheh. ^_^;;

And awwww this lived up to my expectations! ♥ So adorable and sweet. ♥ ♥
*beams* I'm so glad this pleased and fit what you were hoping for!

♥ *dances happily*
Another lovely moment. As long as Jyuushiro can still move he will be alright - I can see that logic as he's been through worse before :)
Thank you! I'm so glad that it made sense. Yeah... I think he'll be all right.
So small yet so much impact. It makes me stop and wonder how many wars have they seen in their 2000 years? And how badly would that wear on a soul to keep surviving them. I can't see it being anything but insanity if they didn't have each other.

Really beautiful.
*smiles* I'm so glad that it struck you that way, and it's really cool to know what thoughts were triggered... yeah... I think I have to agree with you, too...

... they have each other. *smiles*

Thank you!!
*happy sigh*
I always have that reaction with these two... they are so very well matched.