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Fanfic: Flying Free

Requester: marith as per this post
Fandom: Mushishi/FMA Anime
Characters: Ginko/Greed and Martel
Prompt: "There are apples and then there are apples."
Word Count: 400, yeah, this one ran in a completely different direction.
Rating: G

Ginko squinted at the strange figure on the path; and with a practiced puff, he blew restraining smoke.

"Hey! What the hell?" The spiky-haired, muscular man twisted in the smoke bonds.

"That might be my question as well." Ginko walked about him. "What are you?"

The man only growled and twisted harder. Ginko squinted at him, seeing the glow of far too much life force for a single human being, but the energy was all wrong for a mushi.

"You haven't been eaten by something, have you?"

The construct laughed with no humor at all. "I'm the one who eats people, name's Greed, by the way."

"Ginko." He nodded in courtesy. "You're a danger to the people here."

"What's mine is mine," Greed growled.

Ginko narrowed his eye. "Not when it wasn't yours to start."

The violet eyes flickered away for an instant and then back. "And if I said that I only take what's offered?"

"I guess I'd ask who was doing the offering."

"No one here." Greed shrugged. "I don't need any more lives anyway, just a new start."

A slender girl with tattoos on her face burst from the underbrush, tackling Ginko. He landed with an oof and blinked at her in confusion as well. That strange energy crackled under her skin.

"A snake?" he asked, and she startled back.

"Greed-sama, what do I do with him?"

"Nothing." Greed straightened his clothing. He reached down to help Ginko back up. "Sorry, man, she's just a little eager."

"Did you do that?" Ginko asked, frowning.

"No! Greed-sama rescued me!" she said hotly. "They experimented on us and we're getting away!"

Ginko looked at Greed, and he just shrugged.

Ginko sighed. He'd never been one to destroy mushi simply because they were inhuman. "Tell me where they were doing this?"

Both of them blinked at him like owls.

"If you're not going to hurt anyone, just keep going, but if they're doing stuff like this to people, I need to know."

"I... I don't know if you can go the way we came," the girl said. "I'll... I'll show you though... just let Greed-sama go."

Greed shook his head. "You're mine, now, I'll come back with you. I'm not losing you again."

The look on her face made Ginko look away. Not so inhuman after all. He stubbed out his cigarette and put his pack on. "Let's get going."

Tags: drabble, fanfic

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