Drabble: Morning

Requester: nannete
Fandom: 07-Ghost
Characters: Kuroyuri-Haruse
Prompt: Morning

Haruse grabbed Teito Klein's wing with all his might, knowing what would happen. The mystic flower barricaded him from Ayanami's offer to trade places, to be his strength when his own would falter. It freed him to know that only he could do this, no one else.

He heard Kuroyuri's wail of grief, and he smiled at the boy, knowing that his master was safe. With that, he embraced his end, and hung onto the half-furled wings.

The Eye of Mikhail's explosion of light tore through him, washing away his darkness as the sun brought morning. Cleansed, he burst free.
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Ohhh, terrific! (Despite his sacrificial nature I do so wish we got more Haruse...)

Thank you ever so much♥
Yes, he was very intriguing. You're very very welcome! thank you for the prompt! ♥