Drabble: Talking It Through

Requester: ginnyvos
Fandom: Saiyuki
Characters: Hakkai/Gojyo
Prompt: negotiations
as per this post
Rating: PG-13 and content locked for.. uhm... concepts. *laughs*

They sat at the kitchen table under flickering light. Hakkai had a notepad and pen. Gojyo sprawled in his chair, cigarette in his fingers, smoke trailing from his nostrils.

Hakkai ticked off the list. "Bondage, teasing, blindfolds, fills, nipple clamps, cock torture, public display, baths, hands-on pain, fire play, and... cigarettes? I'm not burning you with a cigarette."

"No, not those two together." Gojyo took another long, slow pull.

"Then how do you mean it?"

"Have you tasted a cigarette after craving one for hours?"

Hakkai shook his head, but shivered at a bloody ghost of a memory. "Right... cigarettes."

Haha oh Hakkai! You lovely matter of fact DORK. I can just sitting there, ticking it all off, matter of fact like it's a shopping list. Hah!

And I love the little hint at Gaiden and the idea of denial of cigarettes as a part of DSM play. Any chance we're going to see a little more of this? *angelface*
YES! *falls over giggling too* I see Hakkai being that kind of unflappable... *laughs*

Mmm.... glad you liked the hint. There's a possibility... *grins* ♥ Thank you for the prompt!
Oh yes! All is done by the book but when he comes down to it... Gods he can be so freaking intense (but also very distant when the situation calls for it and... rrrr)

I'm so glad you liked the prompt, I was kind of aprehensive asking for it, but... Well yeah. I just had to. Can't help but hoping for more either. I would love to see Hakkai coax Gojyo into telling him what he wants... And giving him just that of course, plus a good cuddle after (always a bonus of your stories)
Gotta have the aftercare. *grins*

Yeah... I think that's what I love about Hakkai... that sense of isolation, even when he's with the others... and the combination of that intensity with his politeness.

I'm very glad you asked.
The aftercare is essential! As is the talk before! They're such a big part of what makes your stories uber awesome!
I actually rather like the implication that Hakkai's just fine with the REST of the list... *laughs and laughs*
*dies laughing* So I read this without reading the prompt, immediately got the prompt by the second para and almost fell off my chair at Gojyo's last question because omfg do I know what he means!
*grins* YAY! I have succeeded! *dances about*

Gojyo and Sanzo both...

Thank you! *grins*
MMM purrs fantastic characterization. I love the whole shopping list of sexual desires.
*grins* I'm very glad.

Gojyo *is* a pervy Kappa... *laughs* Hakkai just likes being thorough...

thank you!
Bwahahaha!! Hakkai just kills me. Though I'd object to the cigarette burning as well, so 'yeah' for him being a responsible dork. :P
*giggles far too much*

Yeah... sometimes it's really good to show that the top can have limits, too. I need to work with that a bit more...