Drabble: To The Showers!

Requester: xkatchy
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Abarai Renji, Hisagi Shuuhei
Prompt: Off-duty
Rating: PG - for nothing but steam

Renji groaned as he entered the barrack baths. Shuuhei was slumped on a bench, too tired to even turn on the water.

"Lazy ass," Renji growled.

"Slacker," Shuuhei shot back.


"Vice-Captain...." Both of them snickered.

Renji turned on the nearest two showers, and Shuuhei yelped. "I've still got my clothes on."

Renji rolled his eyes even as he stripped. "I'm so not helping you with that."

Shuuhei growled and stripped off his soaking wet hakama and gi. They stepped under hot water, and it took blood and dirt eddying through the tiles at their feet.

Shuuhei sighed, "Off-duty. Finally."

Mmmm... yeah... that's the way they wanted to go. I don't blame 'em. *grins*

I just had a horribly awful day and seeing this made it all better. I love it! They're perfect. I love when they bitch back and forth. Adorable drabble and THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! -many many hugs-
Yay for making bad days better!! I'm very, very glad you enjoyed this. *smiles* I do like how comfortable they are about snapping at each other. *laughs*

You're so very welcome! Thank you for asking for it!

*hugs back happily*
*g* That was great banter and camaraderie. I love he BFF feel of this.

The palpable relief of finally having down time actually made me sigh. :D
Mmm... I think I really enjoy BFF. *laughs*

Yeah... down time... *happy sigh*

Thank you!