Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Off Again...

Fall is gradually taking over, as the winds blow cold and the leaves start to turn...

... I'm off for the weekend for a retreat with the Boys, should be fun, as it's a bunch of families meeting up.

I've posted most of the drabble requests, I have a few left to do, but that'll be after Sunday... *grins* I have a couple of birthday fics I'm working on, too, and the next chapter to Winter War. I'll have a notebook.

I dreamed for the first time, this morning, since August. It was a good birthday present.

The boys took me out for ice cream last night, and we had teriyaku short ribs for dinner, and then presents! The boys gave me new controllers for our PS2 as our old ones were sticking, a Crash racing game and the last Avatar game! Yay! Kathy got me the rice and noodles cookbook I've been wanting for a while as well as two Diana Wynne Jones books about Howl's Moving Castle. Dad not only gave me to nice books on Chinese history, but also a really amazing Freakangels Field Bag... all my art stuff and writing stuff fits into it no problem, even if I want to bring a laptop as well. Whew...


I got the coolest card from tallcedars: "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde I love it. *laughs*

So, anyway, hope everyone else has a great weekend!!
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