bloody Byakuya

Drabble: Worth

For: annieroo2 (she didn't request this)
Fandom: Bleach
Character: Byakuya
Prompt: After Sunrise, annieroo2 wondered what tea was like when Byakuya was much younger and still the hellion his grandfather remembered. I know, I know, I should be packing...
Rating: G

"I don't wanna!!" Tea splashed the paper walls, leaving marks all over the pristine screens, as the cup hit the wooden floor with a crack. Brilliant green and golden brown shards flew in every direction.

Ginrei frowned. "Do you have any idea how much that Ohi-Yaki piece is worth?"

"I don't care, it was ugly and I don't want tea," Byakuya pouted.

"That was the lives of five hundred people for a year," his grandfather said sadly.

Byakuya blushed bright red, but growled, "Then why did you let me use it?"

"The heir to Kuchiki should be worth even more."

that last line is so powerful.... you can just imagine the look on Byakuya's face after that...just wow.

Thank you. I figured *something* made him what he is now... and his grandfather seems such an influence...

Very nice! I do hope we find out more about Byakuya's grandfather one of these days.
I agree! It would be really neat to know what happened to him and how Byakuya got motivated to find his Captaincy after his Grandfather lost his.
Wow that was such a lot to convey to someone that young. But I guess we all have to learn.
Oh I just love young punk Byakuya! Obviously he learned his lessons, ouch.
This is so cute! I can just feel the Kuchiki pride emanating out from my screen. :D
*laughs* Oh man you totally just spoiled me.

I love the contrast with the Byakuya we know and the brat he used to be.

And wow did his grandfather put him in his place and make him think.

Love this one hard babe! Thanks :)
*grins* You're so very welcome!

I'm very glad you liked it. *giggles* But sometimes people's comments really just spike an idea hard... so many thanks for the idea as well! It was *fun*.

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