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Kind of Quiet Lately

It's snowing today. Monday we had a very hard frost, so John and I dug up about ten pounds of onions, picked all the last of the tomatoes, and dug up all the dying plants. We had French Onions soup that night, and it was so good in the cold! The zucchini is a completely lost cause, but the raspberries are valiantly trying to provide one last handful of berries. It's definitely heading into winter.

The family church retreat was really good. We went to La Foret, in the Black Forest just a little outside of Colorado Springs. We stayed in heated cabins, had a cafeteria for food, and wandered through the Ponderosa forests even at 7 in the morning (eek, I got up at 6:45 am) to go bird watching.

I've also been having upper body overuse problems. I overdosed on computer stuff on Monday and did so so thoroughly, that I had to take the last couple of days just off from the computer completely. So I've been busy...

Mikayla's Socks
This is a pair of socks I made for the girl next door, and she was very, very grateful for them. *laughs*
Thank you Poster
So grateful that she made this whole poster for me along with her best friend. I probably owe said friend some socks, too. *laughs* It's sometimes very good to be in demand in the neighborhood and something rather bad to be in this much demand. Still, it's pretty fun when I get something really nice like this, and which they really took a lot of effort to do.

Shipwreck Shawl Silver
I have actually made some progress on the Shipwreck Shawl. I'm surprised and actually kind of delighted at how the simple stitches are turning out. *laughs* I'm into the third of four needle sizes for the mesh along the edge. The number of stitches doesn't increase at all, just the diameter of the needle so the mesh naturally gets larger the more toward the edge it goes. This needle size and then one more and I should be done. I'm starting to like this silver of this yarn so much I may well *not* dye it... we'll have to see...

I also had a very hard time putting the beads in "randomly", so I had to use a ten-sided die, add 3, and then put a bead wherever the die said. I'd fudge it if it said to put on right on top of another bead; but it's working very well and the beads actually look random now. If you look very closely at the picture (or at one of the other pictures), there's a little wire row-counter I've been using lately, it uses abacus theory for a loop I will be hanging at the beginning of the row as soon as I actually get to the end of the row...

Monet-style AutumnUlquiorra Colorway
I also decided to do some dyeing of not-lace yarns, as it just takes too long to knit something significant... *laughs* I'm getting lazy in my old age, and in my usual style I asked r0ck3tsci3ntist for yarn prompts, and there were various discussions that included "Monet-style yarn" where every few stitches would be a different color, Ulquiorra colors, and just plain "brown". So I came up with these two in a worsted weight of wool.

The funny thing is that the cyan/teal I'd only put a line about a 1/4 inch in diameter, but it spread, and the green was much narrower, but I thought it'd come out darker. The black I'd just done a latticework on the wool and knew that it would spread out and do the grays, but also did one patch of very dark black near the green. I might overdye the green parts... just to make them darker. But I rather like how that one turned out. The autumn Monet-style is rather light, but I kind of like it that way.

So she'll get to pick between the two.

Autum Bulky
Also did a bulky weight yarn in various colors, actually started with a lattice of green and then layered other colors on top and it all smeared. There's actually some varigation on the very small scale, but it's not obvious in the picture. Jet may want to keep it. I dunno quite what I'll do with it yet. He has a lot of spool knitters and can knitters he's made with cans and nails and the bulkier yarns are very good on those things, as the stitches are just enormous. So it might well end up being that.

Though I have to admit that the temptation to knit up something like a scarf very, very fast is high. *laughs*

Fingerless Mittsrainbow mitts and socks
Also did two sets of fingerless mittens that were based off that Cookie A pattern, this time with the mirrored scales on each hand. Jet's modeling the rainbow ones with his rainbow socks. You'll note that in the usual Kureyon style, both of the mitts are completely different colors. I kind of like that effect.

I entered stuff for an art show at the church and it's kind of fun. Low-key and Jet entered a bunch of origami as well, and is really wanting to sell his work. That is pretty cute. I'm glad that he's self-confident enough to do that.

annieroo2, if you want to start measuring, I need the measurement around the ball of your boys' feet, the length of their feet, the width at the ankle and how high up they want their socks. And you can tell me if you want brown/black/grays or various colors that I can't quite predict. *laughs*

Huh.. I've painted too, but haven't taken pictures of the paintings, yet. I'll get around to it, I guess.
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