Fall Drabble Index

A complete list and links to all twenty-three drabbles I've done through my fall requests, check below the cut. They're all G and just 100 words unless they're marked otherwise.

- Making Room: silawen, Kyouraku Nanao, "Reflection"
- Coming Home: Spoils bits of Winter War, theablackthorn, Ukitake Kyouraku Starrk, "Home".
- Child's Play: gokuma, Ukitake Zaraki, "Kids"
- Sunrise: Theodosa, Jyuushiro Byakuya, "Role Models"
- Gifts: kateison, Ukitake Kyouraku, "It is difficult to say who do you the most mischief: enemies with the worst intentions or friends with the best." - E.R. Bulwer-Lytton
- Another War: Spoils Winter War, ravens_rising, Ukitake/Shunsui, reassurance
- To The Showers!: PG xkatchy, Renji Shuuhei, "Off-duty"
- Worth: not requested by annieroo2, Byakuya as a young hellion
- Living: azardarkstar, Ukitake Byakuya Ichigo, "good is good but costly"
- Stoop So Low: kaibasgirl, Nnoitra Jiruga/Neliel Tu Oderschvanck, "Drag Me Down with You"
- Missing: mei_yanohai, Shunsui & Jyuushirou, post-Pendulum arc

Fullmetal Alchemist
A Treat For Hawkeye: incandescens, Hawkeye and her dog, "treats"

Kingdom Hearts
- Gone: nikita_cheri111, Seifer Hayner (any Twilight Town), "Autumn Chill".
- Remembering: i_the_fangirl, Namine/Sora, "If you still love me, please forgive me: the crown of love is not upon me."

- Talking It Through: R ginnyvos, Hakkai/Gojyo, "negotiations"

07 Ghost
- Morning: nannete, Kuroyuri/Haruse, "morning"
- What's Mine: summer_queen, Ayanami Frau, "I'm no devil."

Battle Angel Alita
- What's Best: baka_mazoku, Daisuke & Desty Nova, "What is best in life."

Dresden Files
- Not A Thing: ross_teneyck, Murphy & Bob, "Regrets"

- Flying Free: 400 words, marith, Mushishi/FMA, Ginko, Greed and Martel, "There are apples and then there are apples."
- A Star Filled Sky: archangelbeth, xxxHolic, AU Star Trek, originalSpock

- Hold Me Down: NC-17, 750 words (they broke all the rules), mysocalledhell, Chris/David, "Tie me up. Hold me down."
- Home Ground: "Common Ground", irana, Ezra/Kalin, "You mean so much more than feelings can ever explain."
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I've closed the open, general requests, but you're such a wonderful commenter, I'd love to do one for you...

I'm glad that you liked these!
I can't even choose a favorite out of these... All the Bleach ones and the Saiyuki one are so great. Maybe Making Room and Worth, those two were exceptional.