Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Fair Play

It's cool. The new machine has behaved like a champ. It's working just fine, and far faster than anything else I've ever had before and it makes me want to play games that I've never been able to play before.

Also, a few months back, the boys and I ended up in Denver, and went for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I had my usual blackberry cream Italian soda, and it came in one of the regular glasses instead of the "fancy" glass that one usually gets to keep. Normally, I notice that and shrug and 'give up' my free glass. For some reason, I decided to ask the waitress if it would be possible to just take one of the plain pint glasses home instead. She said she'd go ask.

When she came back, she had a chilled etched heavy pint tumbler in her hands, and she said, "Here, why don't you take this instead? I couldn't let you go home with just a plain glass."

There are moments when I think it's all just luck, and then there are times when I'm convinced that if one treats the universe as if it's going to be fair if one makes the effort, then it will be.

*laughs* Oh, yeah, the other day I thought of an amusing phrase, that's entirely true for me.

"I've never met a Deity I didn't like."
Tags: courage

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