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Everything at the new plant is so shiny new. It's astonishing. This is the building that had the locals asking when the new luxury hotel was going to open up. There's a stream coming in the front door, a stone fireplace in the cafeteria and the upstairs lounge, and the whole entry area is a hugs, indoor garden. It's laid out to maximize sunlight for all the cubicle areas, and I have a view out the window of a fairly established forest, the Diagonal highway and the front yard of the building, with lots of evergreens.

It's pretty astonishing compared to our old quarters where we were stacked in like anchovies.

Though getting to a meeting room large enough for everyone is a nice, long walk. I could enjoy that, though. They're still moving heavy equipment, and the floor, we've noticed, flexes when they go by. I hope that stops, eventually.

Bryant was very cool and has handed me a stylized version of my suit picture for an icon. Someone at work saw the picture and said that it made me look like a Shanghai gangster. I felt so complimented! *grin* It's funny, though, realizing that every picture of John in his suit doesn't really do justice to how that suit moves with him when he moves, so I imagine it's the same with my suit. I'll probably just have to wear it while visiting the Horde, sometime. That would be fun.

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