Drabble: Stoop So Low

Requester: kaibasgirl
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Nnoitra Jiruga/Neliel Tu Oderschvanck
Prompt: Drag Me Down with You

Nnoitra attacked with wild swings of Santa Teresa.

Neiliel stepped out of the way with an economy of motion that made Nnoitra shout in anger. He attacked with all six arms. Seeing her opening, she jumped to avoid the over-eager swing and pinned him against the rock face.

"You missed!" he snarled. "I'm still alive."

She shook her head and smiled. "No. I hit exactly what I wanted to."

Dumbfounded by her answer, he watched her walk away; and, for an instant, his envy of her power raged, to be like her... he growled, never would he stoop so low.
Nice! :)

It dropped so low in my regard

It dropped so low in my regard
I heard it hit the ground,
And go to pieces on the stones
At the bottom of my mind;

Yet blamed the fate that fractured, less
Than I reviled myself
For entertaining plated wares
Upon my silver shelf.

-- Emily Dickinson