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Snow Day

Yesterday it was 60° outside, today there's 10" of snow and the fluffy white stuff is still falling down. DIA is flailing, so folks flying through Colorado are having lots of problems. Jet's school didn't close this morning, but he's still on the mend, so we decided not to let him go to school. He's still got a little fever, and it's better to be safe than to infect a lot of other kids, too; though, given that he succumbed to it after the Kids Night Out, he may well have exposed dozens of other kids that night. Oops.

I'm sick. I definitely have Jet's thing, and it went right for my lungs. I'm now very, very grateful for my asthma medications as I'm breathing with very little trouble. Jet's better. His temperature went down from 102 to about 99, now, and it seems to be stable. He's doing homework and getting things out of the way and really, really, really wants to go out in the snow. I think that would have been unthinkable just a day or so ago, so I think he's definitely on the mend.

So I'm mostly doing the hot liquids and lying down a lot. The last season of Avatar was really, really, really good. Both Jet and I really enjoyed it all at once, really, and it kept our minds off of being sick, so that was really fun.

I was very glad that the White Lotus got portrayed with some justice in the end. With all the little hints as to the Society, especially with Sokka's Master, I was hoping they'd have a part in putting things right. I loved that Uncle Iroh accepted Zuko completely, and that it took a lot of work to get Ang's folks to accept him, that felt right. I like that Ang, Katara, and Sokka all went on trips with Zuko to figure it out.

I especially loved the Sun Warriors and their secret and how Iroh kept it as well.

I really loved how Mei turned out. *laughs* I think that she's the only non-bender to actually face Azula head-on, and tell her no. I could learn something from how Azula is made, too.

Both Jet and I were just amazed by the Ember Island Play. *laughs* There was a lot in that, that both of us were like Agh!! I especially loved the little boy that told Zuko, "That's a really nice Zuko costume, but you have the scar on the wrong side." *laughs and laughs*

I love the mix of humor and drama, and I especially loved the climactic fights. Loved loved loved Zuko's fight with Azula, and his observation of her being off-balance, though I was surprised, after Iro's lessons about lightning, that she was even able to get a blast off. I loved the last four episodes as they really did a great job of bring back all the things that they'd set up throughout the series. Made me think more about these last Twin Souls chapters.

That's been good. One thing about having to sit around and take care of Jet and not be able to write is that my brain keeps working on things, and I'll probably do another writing dump fairly soon, like when I can sit up and not be too dizzy and work on the small screen again instead of the Big Screen TV... *laughs* Left the computer hooked into the bit TV so that I could get this in...
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