John took this picture at twilight....

Oh, wow...

There's something eerily beautiful about snow in half-light, isn't there?
There is! It reflects every last bit of light so well... and that blue is just what it was like out there. It was amazing.
*grins* Yeah... and half of it is gone already... Colorado... life on the Front Range. We don't seem to really have "fall", it's just a bit more often winter than summer. Just as "spring" is more summer days then winter ones, gradually...

Hopefully Halloween will be clear though cold...
*grins* It was! And really quiet, too... amazing how the fluff deadens sound.
I'm sorry it's beautiful, but ew... is my immediate reaction. XD Sorry!

You guys got hit harder than us by that early snow storm that dumped 3 feet of snow in some areas.
*falls over laughing*

yeah, I think it was an upslope storm, so only the Eastern side got hit pretty good with it.

Actually, that's mostly my reaction as well. *laughs* I'm so glad I don't have to be out in it! But Jet was so excited!
That is sooo pretty, I love it! Now I want snow =( My family and friends would be mad to hear me say that, haha! They hate the snow but I can't wait for it to start falling. Oh, Buffalo. How I love you sometimes =)
Heee... yes, Buffalo does get a good amount of snow!! It is so pretty and Jet and John really, really love it. I think it's beautiful, but I rarely have the urge to go out and play in it.

I don't hate the snow, but I think that might be from the fact that I don't have to drive in it anymore. *laughs*