Oh Wow...

mysocalledhell has written me a birthday fic that I've really really liked. It's an NC-17 of Byakuya and Shunsui with the prompt "rain", but I think it might be friend-locked. Ask her if you want to read it, but you can find it here. I really did enjoy her characterization of the two.

I thought I was getting off pretty easy with Jet's cold, but last night it finally hit me with a 101 degree temperature, chills, coughing up lots of "gack", and I was up every hour... and feel kind of trashed today. John's working on moving the Halloween Party from our house to someone else's, which I think is wise, as I really don't want people getting this. And then I can just be a limp dishrag at home.
*hugs you* Maybe send her a note asking to be added to her lock list? Then you can?

Thank you, so much! I appreciate the wishes.