Ah... November...

... it's fun to watch everyone gearing up for NaNoWriMo, yet again...

I won't participate this year. I have far too many projects I want to finish and we're also traveling through the entire week of Thanksgiving, so no extra pressure.

I have two birthday requests still to do, Winter War, and the last multi-chapter arc of Twin Souls, and that may be plenty to do for the month, if I can get well enough to think again. *laughs* Though I seem to be going through a kind of a rollercoaster sort of writing, where I produce like mad for a while and then collapse for a few weeks.

Certainly, it might not be probable to get it all done, but if I don't try then it'll be a sure failure. *laughs*
*eyes that icon*

Well... AND I'm trying to make all of them something I can post, so my counts aren't going to be just first draft material anyway...

So that's two of the three criterion for the whole thing that I just don't want to bother with.