I Spoke Too Soon

It has moved to my lungs...

... and it's still startling to see blood when I cough too hard.

Just a tinge of pink, the doc's office said not to worry, I just didn't use my inhaler soon enough to head off a bad asthma bout and combined with the way the flu left my lungs... well, yeah. I'm lying on the couch in my office, and being very quiet for a while...

... though Word Wars this morning did give me 2394 words today and added with the 101 I did yesterday, I am off to an interesting start to not doing Nanowrimo. *laughs*
Yikes! I'm glad the doctor's office said not to worry, but still... yikes!

Being quiet and staying on the couch sounds like a good plan.
you shouldn't stress yourself too much. you need to take it easy and rest and garlic ... lots of garlic and um ... are you sure those drs know what they're talking about? *worries*
*giggles at Shunsui and hugs you*

I'll be okay, but yeah, probably not on tonight... just checking things now and again, but lying very, very still. *laughs*
*giggles* Thank you for the gentle hug!

I hope so too. I realized I made the foolish error of going out yesterday afternoon to Jet's bus without a scarf over my mouth/nose and the cold air was what triggered the more violent attack. I think I'll be better with the asthma under control...
Good lord! I hope that it doesn't take up residence for too long in your chest and that there's no more blood (tinge of pink or not). Get better soon.
I've heard of channeling your fic characters, but this is pushing it! ~hug hug hug~ Get better soon!
D8 Oh dear! That sounds alarming, so it's good the doctor said not to worry. Please take care, and hope you get better soon!
Yes, it certainly helped when the doctor said not to worry.

Thank you! I shall endeavor to do so.
Really hope you feel better soon. That would be so scary. I hope you can get lots of rest :(
It was... I was glad my asthma doctor's office was so casual about it. *laughs* It helped, and I am doing my best to manage the breathing part and sleep better.
(hugs a lot)

Gah gah gah. Please take care of yourself. Lie down and get well.

(more hugs)
(hugs back warmly)

I'm... uhm... it's funny but I'm now kind of glad I didn't commit to going to Yaoi Con this year. I was kind of jealous of you a couple weeks back, but now... *laughs*

I hope you're having a great vacation!!

John and Jet have been taking turns sitting on me. It has helped. *laughs*
No more fever! Thank goodness.

And the phlegm has been clearing so the illness is actually over. It's just the aftermath and my already weakened lungs overreacting with asthma to everything and anything...