Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Little Better

Not so much as to jinx it, but with a flood of warm drinks, plenty of sleep (now I know why Jyuushiro sleeps so much!), and really firm management of all three of my asthma drugs (ooooo... steroids) plus some over the counter cough suppressant and expectorant, things are going much better today, and the tinge has disappeared, just like the asthma doctor's office said it would.

The fever has been gone completely, which is nice. Phlegm's clearing up and gotten much lighter, so easier with the coughing, and worst part of the cycle has gotten broken. That's good, and I should sleep easier tonight.

In another vein, I've been asked to help find a handmade Christmas ornament/gift that people with tremors might be able to make, but would actually be something you'd look at and go, "Oh, I'd *buy* that." It has to be that good. With the loss of manual dexterity, it couldn't be beads or fine needlework or the like. If you have anything you've run across lately like that, I'd love a link or pointer.
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