And this week....

... it was 72 degrees yesterday.

Who would have thought there was a foot of snow less than a week ago?

Thanks! We can fit seven tents in it with families, too. *laughs*

It was one of the model homes for the neighborhood, but we added the climbing structure. *laughs*
I was going to ask for a picture of John and Jet out in shorts as proof, but, well... That would be pointless... *grin*

Yes. It would be. Jet demanded to be allowed out in the snow in shorts. I looked at John and shrugged. HE was wearing shorts so it seemed pointless to object.
The weather here can't seem to make up its mind either, but it's only ever really sunny/rain like hell/really sunny. Nothing as drastic as snow. (I hope we get some this year, though)
Yeah, Winter is snow and sun. Summer is SUN. Spring just seems to be less and less Snow and more and more Sun while Fall is more and more Snow and less and less Sun. *laughs*

I guess Colorado climate is just Snow or Sun... and I remember Seattle being all spring or fall, with rain nearly all the time except for Indian Summers...
*laughs* I overexposed waaaaay too much... I think I accidentally had the light meter on the shadows of the patio and it took the whole picture that way... oops.