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Liralen Li

Just Living...

... and finally writing a little again, but mostly just staying alive, lately. It's been kind of cool.

Yesterday the chiropractor tried to straighten me out after all the coughing. My massage therapist was just shocked at how knotted up I was last Tuesday, so she recommended me getting worked on, as he could help with the immune system as well as the muscles that were just messed up by lying, sitting, and coughing all week. The funny thing was that for the middle of my back he got me all positioned like a pretzel and then bounced on me, and nothing moved. He said that my muscles had locked up so tight from the coughing he couldn't do anything there. So we worked on both ends, neck and hips, and got some movement there. I'm going back next week.

Jet's New Hat
Got a lovely hat from r0ck3tsci3ntist in exchange for those hand-dyed skeins. Jet wears it everywhere now, and he gets all kinds of complements. *grins* He loves it.

The lining is a lovely black satin, and Jet loves the green as it goes with his sweater. Yeah, I made that sweater for him last year, and it's a bit short now. I need to get another one together for him soon. I really need to finish the shawl first, but I keep churning out lots of pairs of Fetching instead. They're so much faster, and satisfying to just finish, and I have this crazy idea of doing a pair for every mom and doing a "Charming" for every Dad that comes to the bus stop in the mornings.

But everyone at the bus stop complimented Jet on his new hat and he's really, really proud of it and has pretty much worn it every minute he can since he got it.

John came back on Sunday bearing gifts and a cold. One of the cooler gifts were these. Jet and I built these way cool piperoids that are made from little paper pipes that you cut apart and just put together without any glue. They're very Japanese, detailed and precise. Luckily, John's cold was just a head cold and it only took him two days to recover, though he was glad I drove last night as we met up with kjc and her Pat at a local Asian complex. We had yummy buffet and then went shopping. I bought oxtails for pho. I really loved making a huge pot of the stuff, and it turned out well last time.

We haven't seen Kelly for nearly a decade, I think, since we got busy with Jet and life and stuff in Colorado, and it was great to be able to see her, and talk for a while about how East Coasters see the Great Plains. The Big Flat. *laughs* It was really fun to be able to see her, talk with her, and she gave Jet a comicbook that he's using for his reading time now. That was really fun.

I'm really grateful that John's back and he's doing morning duties again and picking up his half of the laundry, cooking, and dishwashing and daily upkeep on the household. I can do it while he's gone, but it's a lot more work. *laughs* I'm really, really grateful and lucky that I have a husband that shares in all that work with me, or else he does the lion's share.

Jet Cooking Tofu
One things Jet did was cook his own dinners while John was gone. He really likes tofu stir fried with just a bit of soy sauce and teriyaki on rice with carrots on the side, and he was really enthusiastic about learning how to cook it himself. So I cut things up for him, and set up the wok and figured he would learn how to cook from it just as easily as I had. He would learn if he got burned or whatever, but he was really careful and did just fine. I had to be the one to say, wait, wait, wait until it's hot enough or stuff will stick...

We just heated it until it smoked, then added the oil and while the oil was still relatively cool, dumped in all the tofu and he stirred away happily, added his own sauces when he thought it was browned enough, and then let me do the dumping of it on his rice. He really liked his dinners when he cooked them, so I'm all for it. *laughs*

So that's been the last few days.

I'm zooming along on a Winter War chapter or two, doing my requests, and now have a November total of 5093 words. I'm now very glad that I didn't sign up for nanowrimo as I would be putting more pressure on myself after that illness, and I really don't need to.
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