All's Well That Ends Well

Last summer, I got a new phone from Verizon and it died in the first two weeks. The support folks were pretty nice about getting me a new phone and getting me what I needed to ship the broken phone back to them. So I did that, and the lady at the shipping office said, "Make SURE you keep the UPS shipping slip to make sure you have a record of sending it to them."

I'm now thanking and blessing her for saying that. I filed it away in our celphone records folder, thinking I'd never see it again.

That month, Verizon charged us $200 for the 'replacement phone' because they had no record of it showing up because they did NOT TRACK if the return package came back to them. They had no means to figure out what was coming into their return center went with which account! When my husband called to ask about the charge, they frankly said that they had no means to actually figure out if the phone came back, and that while they'd just changed that, it hadn't been in place when my return was processed.

They said just send us the shipping record and they'd take care of it. So my husband sent it in. As a cautionary tale for anyone else that comes into this situation, MAKE A COPY OF YOUR SHIPPING INVOICE before you send it in. My husband hadn't thought it was necessary, so he just sent the original in and they lost it.

So it's now three months later and my husband calls in again to see what the hell is going on, and they said they never got the record and that since we didn't keep a copy of it that we had no proof that we'd done the right thing in the first place. This was so stupid it just... my husband went off on them. We'd done the right thing all along, and here they were treating us like we were trying to cheat them. She finally said that she'd do what she could but that the credit would take at least four days to get through.

We waited. Four days plus the weekend, and today, finally, the credit *did* come through. So we're free and clear, finally. Still, it was far more trouble than it should have been, really. Just.. in case anyone gets caught in the same situation, remember to keep a copy of the shipping invoice.
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Thank you. They were... it was just really frustrating, but I'm glad it ended up okay...
Having had my go rounds with a bank over supposed non-payments, I sent them copies of all my money orders and suggested they trace the money orders through Canada Post to see who cashed them, when and where. The account number was clearly printed on the money order so no excuses were to be tolerated on my end. Lo and behold it was cleared up in 24 hours when they saw my evidence.

I never send originals, always copies. I don't trust anybody.
It's good that you don't. *laughs*

I am too trusting... but we've learned for next time.

I'm glad you won!
GAH! I'm sorry you had to deal with their customer disservice.
Yeah... bleh...

I am pretty sure the Verizon one was designed that way to get more money from those that aren't so persistent about being right. Bleh...

*hugs* Sorry about your adventures with the medical folks.
Seconded... I had the same thing happen to me, didn't keep a receipt, and ended up paying for the bleeping phone for nearly a full year (mandatory 12 month plan) after sending it in... without getting a replacement. Good thing you kept your receipt!
Bleh. I'm sorry you had that bad an experience.

I was glad the lady reminded me. I hadn't though they'd *deliberately* do that. Bleh... I guess it's the flip side to the "free phone"! *sighs*
Grrrrr... the sad part is that good people most often get screwed because there really are so many scam artists out there.
Yeah... it's true. If we'd been any less firm about Not Paying, they would have taken us for the $200 easy.