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Veteran's Day Ficlet

for stark_black in thanks for her service....

When Chris arrived at David's apartment that evening it was to find tantalizing scents through the air of roast chicken, stuffing, an green bean casserole. Candlelight was the only light in the kitchen, and David was dressed in nothing but leggings and a light loose shirt. His glasses were off, the computers were all dark, and a single, dark rose rested in a crystal vase on the table by an open bottle of wine.

"What's this for?" Chris asked, bemused. As David reached him he realized that David was wearing cuffs on his wrists under the sheer fabric.

"It's November 11th," answered David. "Veterans Day. Wanted to say thank you."

Chris shook his head a little, and stepped up to the slighter man and wrapped him up in a hug. David hugged him back solidly, the bulk of the leather cuffs now quite evident against Chris' back.

"You used to say that you'd get free meals when you were in uniform and all that," David added against Chris' collarbone. "Thought the least I could do was a meal and my time."

"You don't have any work to do?"

David shook his head. "Or it'll just wait until tomorrow." He lifted his head for a slow, hot kiss that left them both a little breathless.

Chris chuckled. "I should use that phrase of yours more often."

David smiled against Chris' lips. "You should."

"Will the food wait?"

David blinked, thought. "Yeah, it should, we could just heat it up..."

Chris slung David over his shoulder to a yelp from the slighter man. "Good." And he carried David off to the bedroom to soft laughter from the older man...

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Copyright 2009 by Liralen Li, all rights reserved.
Tags: david, david_old, original, writing

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