Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

An os X question

So my Dad has a Mac. He's an old research professor type who felt lost without a command line when my sister first bought Mom and him the machine. It was ostensibly for Mom's sake, but she still won't touch the machine. They just got an OS X upgrade for Christmas from Kathy, too. So he now has a command line, yay! Anyway... they get a lot mail from their friend that happens to be in WinWord format, and Dad's really frustrated that he can't read Word format without shelling out $500 to Microsoft, so he just refuses to do that, not that I blame him. I wouldn't, either.

But what can he do? Is there something that can run on OS X that will read Word format for a reasonable price?

I know about, but they seem to only have versions for Linix, Solaris, and two flavors of Windows.

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