Bleach 383

All right... all of you out there....

How many of you finished Komamura's sentence of "You can't mean..."

with "... Tousen's ALWAYS BEEN HOLLOW! Why is it a surprise to you NOW?!"

I think Komamura is still trying to convince himself that Tousen is under Aizen's thrall and can be saved by the proper approach (and sufficient blunt trauma). ;)
That encapsulates my impression, too, but thank you for putting words and shape to it. I wonder if the loyal to a fault canine aspect of Komamura will continue to impede him much longer.
Well, Tousen is Komamura's oldest friend.

It is much easier to believe that your oldest and truest friend is temporarily misguided than, well . . .
The one thing that struck me about the hollowfication process is that image of each member of Shinji's troupe under Tousen's darkness basically being gutted with his sword. So for Tousen to be a Hollow, it means he would've had to have been impaled on a Zanpaktou at some point as well.

Of course, there were those cryptic comments about the nature of Chad and Orihime's superpowers being related to the Hollow world as well, and there was never any sign of them being gutted.

Is everyone in this story dead, I wonder?
I'm sure that that is true, as well. Komanmura is a good guy!

And likely to be able to provide the sufficiency required. I hope Shuuhei gets his share as well...
I'm still busy giggling like a twelve-year-old boy over Aizen "unsheathing his sword" for Shinji, to be honest.
I hadn't... quite...

*falls over laughing*

Oh *goodness*. *giggles more*

Thank you for pointing that out... Hee...
And how Aizen is so determined to get Shinji to "worship" him? Uh huh.

Unfortunately, Sousuke, I just don't think Captain Hirako's that into you. Call it a hunch.
I think that your intuition is onto something...

Wow. I'm hoping that it will be spectacular, however it ends...
If Kubo doesn't at least let Shinji surprise Aizen a little, I'm going to be very disappointed.