Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

I Am An Introvert

I have to remember that when people ask me to do things like stand for two and a half hours and talk with a constant stream of people. I am great one on one with just about anyone, but give me a constant stream of them and I run out of energy really, really fast. I'm now pretty exhausted...

They roped me in to help with the Home Tour part of the whole fund raising thing, to make sure people going through had tickets and the ones that wanted to buy stuff could do so. The same folks got my tree... I was flattered to find out that they'd valued the tree at $100. Not bad for some folded paper and silver string... and I was pretty happy to see that it was bid up to $55 when I left.

We had a good day, all in all. I started with a little writing, then my allergy shots, then I did the work at the Home Tour and the boys picked me up at 5. We saw the really beautifully decorated historical Victorian in the old part of town, and ended up in Prospect, at the 2 Dog Diner for dinner.

They're a little neighborhood diner, that does what they do really, really well. It was fun listening to the owner talk to one of the customers about admiring In and Out and the very limited menu that they do so very, very well. He liked their fries. I think that their fries are the best in Boulder County, even including the very posh Belgium Fritts place in Boulder proper. I ordered the pot roast with horseradish sauce, gently cooked vegetables, and potato pancakes. Jet had the grilled cheese and a heaping portion of those fries and John got the Cobb salad. All of them were really, really good. The Pot Roast melted in my mouth, and the gravy was good and strong against the creamy horseradish sauce. The vegetables were just tender, and the potato pancakes were crisp on the outside, mealy on the inside, and had just enough chives to be perfect.

That was a really good dinner and relaxed me. I've been kind of upset and unhappy about how little writing progress I've made since the drabbles. The Winter War stuff has been fun and good for me in that I'm getting something done, but everything else feels stalled.

I'm wrestling with nearly half a dozen stories, some of them original, and I'm at this point where I am much better at ripping apart or hating what's wrong in a piece than figuring out a way to make it right. I've done that before in other disciplines, and I'm surprised it's taken less than two years for me to get there now with writing. It's really frustrating, but I'll get through it. I realized early about the High Number of Things and have pared down to two at a time, again.

Trying to do Important--Not just Urgent is always a hard thing. It's like I want to do the birthday fics, original story lines that just pop into my head, more Silver and Black with Stark, Ezra and Kalin with Chynyll, promised beta'ing, Winter War, and a kiriban I promised FIRST, but the really important Writing Thing for me is Twin Souls. I'm in the last throes of it, so it's even harder to multitask it with all the plot lines that have to get into my head before I can make headway. So I procrastinate on it even harder, and start to feel blocked, so I go ahead with one of the shorter pieces, feel guilty and then wash, rinse, repeat.

I need to just break the whole loop and just start cranking out pieces, one at a time. I'm going to try and get stuff done during Christmas break, even though we're traveling to New Mexico for a good portion of it. A big thing is that my procrastination has included a slew of games on Facebook, and I'm TIRED of those, so I'll probably just cold turkey them for the trip (like I did during the San Diego Trip and suffered no withdrawal symptoms) and see what that does for my work habits as well...

... Guess I'm just saying all this to make myself DO it. *laughs* Making it public mean someone else Will Know and call me on it.
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