Christmas Me

Dang It's Cold

And... gah... the news just showed a kid here in Colorado doing the lick a flagpole thing from A Christmas Story. It was -15° F (-26° C) out this morning, so yeah, 911. Gah... and it's now 4, which is nigh on balmy for a dark night. I am very grateful for my electric blanket, the fireplace right next to my desk, and the Christmas tree which is keeping most of the heat right next to me.

The boys have put the Christmas lights up. I rolled through the snow today to get to my little consulting gig, and it was fun, in a kitchen filled with sunshine. I shoveled the walks to my neighbor's delight. Dean always seems delighted that I, the wife of my family, is willing to shovel snow. I'm not exactly sure why, but he always gets a huge smile on seeing me out there. *laughs*

I did a lot of anime watching yesterday and today and knit up the first pair of two commissioned pairs of socks, and have the first of the second pair done, too. Whew. The first pair took so long I was about to kill something. Just one more and then I can send them off.

And then I can tackle the last of the cookies I have to send out, and then the shawl... sorry aruarian_dancer, I'm not exactly sure I'm going to be able to hit the end of the year deadline, but I'll try.

With all that going on, I would have thought my word counts would go down, but I actually got 2500 on Monday, 715 yesterday, and I'm on track for 1000 today. Genevieve helped kick me free of a preconception that actually gave me the end to a story, so I might be able to actually post something soon.
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It was kind of AGH when it first happened, but then I saw that if I changed just that one preconception, it would actually give me an *ending* and a goal for what subsequently happens. *laughs*

So yes. Thank you, it's working... whew.
OMG that is so cold I can't even imagine! We're supposed to get 19 here this weekend but we don't usually ever get below 10 and that's not 'till january. Keep warm! (but watch that tree if it's near a heat source)

What anime are you watching?
Gunslinger Girl 2 and Gundam Wing and bits of One Piece and the new Bleach filler... the zanpakutou are cute. Hee.

I can't believe it, but the boys at the bus stop, today, when it was 5 out, actually put their tongues on a flagpole. Gods. And then all the other boys are like, "oh, man, your tongue is BLEEDING."

Jet, being dosed early on with a high dose of anti-peer pressure, said, "That's *stupid*."