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A very, very busy and productive day, felt like it was Far Too Much for most of the day.

I went nearly nuts with everything until we finally got to the Christmas Eve service. Then, suddenly everything settled down as there was, really, very little else to do.

The problem with Christmas cards is that it's not just getting a card out. It's figuring out all the addresses, who to send them to and who not, and I went nearly nuts just dealing with a four notebook page list between John and I. *laughs*

Jet was really amused to find me, at 11 am, with my oatmeal still only partially eaten, "You haven't eaten your breakfast!" Jet was a real trooper and watched TV or played games until I had a pile of done cards, and then he'd stick stamps, address labels, and then lick 'em all closed.

He did great.

Lunch was a hodgepodge, and then when I was done with what I could do, Jet and I played some Crash, which we both loved. Then I had to stop to make snickerdoodles (which still makes Jet snicker about the name), and after five dozen cookies, John started a very early dinner. We ate at 4, and when I was done, I ran outside and roasted coffee for the next two mornings. Me without coffee is really deadly.

Then I went up and tried to change for the Christmas Eve Service. It took me a while. *sighs* I hate that, but had a bottle green velvet dress, along with a red scarf that had a subtle sheen that turned to blues and purples that Carl gave me a long time ago, and the big girl boots that I do love wearing. The snow is nearly a foot deep outside, now, fluffy, mostly, still, and thick.

The curbs are just piled with what the snow plows have left, but as showy as the boots are, they did their job and kept the snow off my feet, too. We were late because of my finding what I rarely wear, and I was vexed by that.

But once we were in and we were ushering. Jet helped passing out programs, and John helped folks find their way, and there was another family that we really enjoy who were there and calm as can be were doing the same job. And they said that it had been kind of slow, so the fact that we were late wasn't a problem. The relief of that was huge...

*laughs* I get uptight when I'm late.

The service was the family service, which meant no choir, just the worshipers as the chorus. The pageant was "anyone who wants to do anything can" so we had three Mary's and two Josephs, and a choir of angels and a flock of shepherds, and it was all good. Very relaxed, and some of the little girls were so excited!

I finally relaxed with the simple singing.

After the service, we went to a friend's house that was doing a cookie decorating party, and I loved getting out of the fancy clothing and into jeans and a t-shirt and a sweater. Cold tonight.... with the snow on the ground it's 4° out tonight. Brr.... but it was wonderful in the house and we got to talk with people, do some origami, and Jet got to make a cookie for Santa. That was really cool.

We started saying our good-byes at 8pm, and headed for home by 8:30. Jet ran to set up the cookies and milk for Santa, and I set up sticky pecan cinnamon rolls for the morning, though I left one pan without the sticky bits, as Jet likes his cinnamon rolls as Cinnamon Rolls. *laughs* Then I put him to bed, and then we ran around. *laughs* We're all set now, and I actually got a little quiet time to boot.

Jet's been following Santa on Norad's site and he read the whole explanation of how the track the sleigh using the heat signature of Rudolf's nose at night. That made sense to him. I loved that he did the research himself.

*sighs* I'm so glad of him.

Anyway... hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!
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