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Five Hundred Miles

We managed the five hundred in about eight hours with two gas stops and a lunch stop at a Sonic (I really liked the chili cheese fries and John liked the green chile burger). We managed to get out of the house by 8 am, and I napped for a few hours in the car, and Jet played, watched movies, and managed to not be too bored. And we got here by 4pm, before the light failed and the sun went down.

The Denver end of it was a bit of a mess as there was a snow storm going on, so the freeways were white and pretty slick; but once we got far enough south the storm cleared, the sun came out and the roads went clear and dry. So we were able to go at speed, and the speed limits were up around 75 mph in the big stretches between cities.

On the East side of the Rockies it's pretty flat out here, all the way out through Kansas, so the roads could cut straight through. I still marvel at being able to see the line of the freeway all the way out to the horizon. So we made good time, got through Routon pass without any problems, and got here safe and sound before the light died.

We're all unpacked, visited with the donkey, miniature horses, and goats across the road. We caught up a little with John's brother Walt, his wife Cathie, and John's parents, Isabel and George. We dumped everything from the car into the room, ate a beautiful dinner by Walt and Cathie and are playing Fluxx. The connection here is very convenient, and I may well have some time to write between the planned events with family. So I'm pretty happy.

There seem to be a bunch of adventures in the works.... so I'll try and be more interesting tomorrow. *laughs* I'm just glad we're here safe today...
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