Gift Fic


2metaldog wrote me a gift fic as part of the same Secret Santa exchange... and she gave me her two original characters in what is technically a Ai no Kusabi fanfic, but she's written it so well, you don't have to know the source to enjoy the story. I just fell in love with her characters.

It's called By the Waters and comes with its own sound track as well. I really enjoyed it, it's very sweet and mildly R-rated yaoi. *grins*

I really loved it. *happy sigh*
I'm really happy that you liked it. I do miss writing these guys and it was nice to have the chance to play with them again for a bit.
I'm very glad, now, that I asked for your originals. I'm getting more of the itch to write my original stuff, too. I'm glad you had fun!
Just my personal experience, but writing originals tends to pull you away from fandom. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'd suggest you wrap up any fandom things you have going on before delving into original. I really wish I'd been able to wrap up at least some fandom things before original work sang it's sweet song to me.
Yeah, I've seen that in the past with others, too.

I should wrap up Twin Souls before I jump in with both feet, then... but that's the only thing I've kind of committed myself to, all in all. Very little of what I do is multi-chapter, though the Ukitake with Shuuhei was, and I think Stark and I did what we promised for that.

Thank you for the advise, since you've walked that way before... I appreciate it.