Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


The Avalanche, yet again, are the cardiac kids. Just like last year's playoffs, and even the year before. They start out great, fall down in the middle, and then get back up when no one thinks they can, and for a second year in a row, they win in game seven against the LA Kings.

Poor Potvin, four goals *again*.

It's also always a joy to watch old Adam Foote. I think the most satisfying thing about watching him work is that he always does the thing that my defender's gut says has to be done in nearly every tight situation. There was one floor check last night where he just bowled a wing over that just had me going "Ahhh..."

I never thought too much about the Avalanche when I was in the Northwest. They were a mid-West team that was pretty good after they'd moved from Canada, and I used to think Roy (pronounced WAH!) was the core of the team. Little did I know... after moving here I've seen a whole lot more of the team and gradually become more and more impressed with them. I love Drury and Forsberg on the same line. I really like old Super Joe doing what he does best. I enjoy watching, now, the Avalanche's defensive toughness which is a fairly new thing. It's fun.

Though I don't follow them the way some of the San Jose LJ folks follow their Sharks. I've enjoyed them and it's going to be a very interesting series coming up.

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