Holy Smokes

I just... I was looking through February of 2008, and I managed 10 chapters of Twin Souls in less than a month's time. They were much shorter chapters then, but... I haven't produced like that nearly all of last year. From July through December of 2009, I wrote 112,000 first draft words that I took the time to, mostly have someone beta and then I posted, which would have been about 200,000 words for the year.

Those first two or three months of 2008 were... incredible. I'm... feeling oddly inadequate now, even though since the beginning of the year, I've done over 20,000 words and I was on a trip for part of that time. I made three changes to my life that seem to be propagating nicely, and have nearly ramped up to the 2000 words a writing day I want to be at when I am writing.

Writing Winter War with incandescens and sophiap has now giving me far less fear of complicated plots. I thought I'd end Twin Souls in that first six months, and now I can see why. I slowed down since. *laughs* And made excuses for myself that were true at the time, but not... real. I have no idea if that makes any sense; but I guess I need to stop with the excuses as well.
Well I have really loved the story and I know how you feel when I started Can I Keep you I was doing one to two chappies a week and now I feel like I'm letting people down because I don't have the time to keep up the standard. but I will get to the end! I love your story I can't wait to read the new chappie when it's done ;)
Hee. Yes. Whereas it's just fun for those of us reading to just see them when they come out.

You will get to the end!

I will too. *grins* :-) Thank you.
(hugs) 2000 words a day is really pretty impressive, honestly. It's better than I generally manage. :)
*hugs and laughs*

But you have a day job and I don't, really. *laughs* So... it's probably even.
that looks gorgeous. It looks like fun and I've always liked David Mack. *hugs happily*

Thats sort of how I felt the time (the only time) I ever won Nanowritmo. I look back and wonder how in the hell I ever managed to write 1000 words a day for 30 days straight. I can barely accomplish a 5000 word story in a month these days.

But you know? I think that quality should always try to come first, and maybe its the same with your writing. Higher quality, more feeling and thought, less actual production.

Mmmm.... yes, I have to agree with that latter part. I think that what I'm doing now is much more solid than what I was doing then, though what I did then didn't really lack, per se... but I'm happier with my chapters now, and knowing that they tell a full story.

It's intriguing all around.