Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


There's a lovely artist lady that I do consulting for. Not at my old rates, as the stuff she has me do is not stressful or that challenging, they just need to get done for her to do more things that she was able to do before; and I get a lot out of my visits to her house that are worth far more then money.

Today she came by to pick up some CDs I made up for her for some shows she wanted to get into. They required digital entries or slides and she figured it was faster and easier to pay me to get her digital camera's shots onto CD, and she had a chance to look around at my painting area and at my paintings.

And I'm still kind of... stunned...

When she finished looking through my paintings, she said, "Well, there's a career."

It was an offhand remark, and I kind of stopped. "These were just kind of for fun."

She looked at me and amended it with, "Well, it starts that way and really it's up to you, but if you wanted to pursue it you could. These are good enough."

Wow. She's been an artist her whole life, and made a good living at it and at art therapy for nearly all of it, and... I just had to sit down for a while. Maybe I need to sleep on it. *laughs*
Tags: painting
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