Color Day Results

Alien Yarn
This is the yarn that dyed my hands magenta, red, and black. *laughs* I really love it, and I think it'll do well for making a pair of fingerless gloves for my mother-in-law, as Isabel needed something to keep her hands warm, and I love the silk blend from Knitpicks, and you can see the sheen of the red in that stuff. I love love love how that yarn just soaks up the fire engine red like it's a lifeline.

Hedgepiggy and Magnolia
agrimony's Hedgepiggy. *laughs and laughs* It was fun! And a little silly, but... I had been wanting to do magnolias, too. I love them. And while I had a pretty good model for how to do one in Chinese style painting, I didn't have a great model for a hedgehog; but it was fun to try anyway. Hee. It's not backed, yet, which is why the weighting of the corners and all that.

agrimony, if you want this, just tell me, and I'll back it and send it. *grins*

Sparrows and Cherry
And last and hugest... *laughs* I did this on the @*$&! single shuen paper, and on just one branch I let the water get away from me. Not sure it matters, as the sparrows are pretty strong in this one, but still... my love/hate relationship with this paper continues. This'll look better after it's backed, but I was pretty happy with it anyway. I finally graduated myself to the Cotman watercolors rather than the Reeves I got in a cheap Border's kit. I have the full-out Winsor Newton artist's watercolors as well, but I'm... oddly intimidated still by them.

It was a little startling finding out that mom's teacher doesn't allow her class to use single shuen, only double shuen, as the water control's easier and it's a lot easier to mount. I might regret it all when I try to mount this only to have the watercolors all run away from me. We'll have to see, especially the reds.

Though... the one that I did for John didn't run at all, and it had reds all over it.

I'm happier with that and getting ready for the Empty Bowls painting tomorrow. The magnolia intrigues me at the moment, enough that I'm inclined to do it for a bowl.

The cherry blossoms just make me happy, I think, they're comfortable, and I need to figure out profile flowers more in the long run. It may not matter in the short, as I'm trying just for the impression of the blossoms, not the detailed 'this flower has all it's petals and that one doesn't'.
Those are all wonderful -- I especially love the sparrows! So natural looking.

*beams* I'm really happy with how I've gotten with sparrows. They were so impossible to start, and now, they're *fun* to do. So... whew...

Thank you!
Oh, wow! I love the colors in the yarn, and I am in awe over the sparrows painting. That is gorgeous - I could look at that one all day.
*dances about*

I did one before it that I really hated, so it was good to go back and be more careful with what I really wanted and to actually get what I was trying for. I ended up just cutting a single sparrow out of the first painting and using it as my model for this one, and that helped a great deal to make me realize what I wanted the painting to focus on.

I am happy about the yarn. *laughs* it should be fun.
Beautiful! And sometimes I just love the hand dyed yarn as it is, I'd worry I'd somehow screw it up knitting it.
Aw... really, you can't screw up the yarn by knitting it. I've screwed some up by dyeing it, but not by knitting it. *laughs* I love hand-dyeing, but I also hate when I get color combinations just dead wrong.

And this silk blend by Knit Picks just *feels* so good to knit. *grins* I really am in love with it.
Yay tiggie! I love the tiggie! And I'd be totally thrilled to have it. You're the bestest!
HOORAH! *dances about* Good then.

I'll back it with the other and when it's dry I'll roll it up and mail it to you!
Those are beautiful! I love the colour graduations/changes of the flower petals in the painting with the sparrows, in particular.
Oooo... thank you! It's fun to do, as it's just loading white on the brush first and then tipping in red and then doing a series of petals, so they all come out different colors. I'm supposed to do the buds and outsides of blossoms darker than the insides, but... sometimes I fudge the details. *laughs*

I'm very glad you find them beautiful though!
I love the colours in the yarn. That turned out way awesome. I also like the one with the sparrows. They're so darn cute.
*beams* I do like the yarn, and mother-in-law loves red, so I think it'll work. *grins*

I do like sparrows. *laughs*
beautiful yarn
Phyllis, I am very excited to see the finished product. The yarn is gorgeous; just my colors and much nicer than any we saw at Taos!!!

Thank you in advance. Love, Isabel
Re: beautiful yarn
You're very welcome! Those yarns were the inspiration, so I'm glad that you approve!!

*dances about*
Those are great! The hedgetiggie made me giggle too. And wow, you've gotten really good at cherry blossoms and at sparrows. I love the way the top one is poised - it looks just about to ruffle its wings.
I'm getting better. *laughs* The painting before this one is now in the recycle. *giggles* Yes. Practice really does help make it better.

Hee. Yes, the Hedgetiggie is wonderful for a good grin. I had fun with it. *happy sigh*

Gads that yarn is gorgeous!

The hedgehog is freaking adorable.

The sparrows and blossoms artwork is so beautiful. I can't wait to see it mounted.