Bleach 391

Is it wrong of me to be so utterly pleased when Aizen calls Shunsui "Kyouraku, you bastard..."?

I'm sure this isn't the end, yet, as Ichigo hasn't had to take his "turn", yet. Still, this chapter pleased me.
Not wrong at all. Nothing could be righter. ;)

This chapter was excellent, and also a lovely demonstration of four expert fighters working together to distract, pin down, and get a hit in on Aizen.
This chapter made me positively GLEEFUL... even though I'm sure it's not over, and though it may not have been truly Aizen that got impaled by Hitsugaya, it was definitely him that got sliced by Shunsui (and earlier by Shinji) so they've gotten at least two hits on him, and very nearly a fatal third.

The "Kyouraku, you bastard" and "oh shit, everything's backward" lines made my day. It was definitely time for my boys to shine.

I'm still wondering: where is Jyuushirou?! I really don't believe he's dead or Shunsui's reaction would have been much more dramatic (same with Shinji and Hiyori). Both he and Shinji seem to have calmed down and regained their focus. To me this says Jyuu is okay. But I want to see it with my own eyes!
It really did make my day, too! He's not infallible!! I needed that.

I have to agree with that last paragraph. Though I could see Jyuushiro simply taking the time-out... rather than mixing in there when there's so many able bodied already going at it.

I think that they'll be all right. I mean... Renji was nearly split in two by Ichigo and came through it just fine, and we've seen plenty of folks take a hit through the chest and still come up fighting.
It was great to see them working as a team. I just wanna know where the hell Urahara and Isshin are. Come to think of it, I don't buy that Ryuuken was schlepped off someplace either. At the very least, Urahara and Isshin need to show up and do their thing/add their thing to the goings on.

Seriously, Kubo, come on.
So True! All the living world folks are still out of it. I'm not entirely sure it's Urahara's style to show up visibly unless things go really, really bad. He sent his forces in (ichigo, the nakama, and then the Vizards) and he's enough of a manipulator, I think, that I could see him letting his pieces do their work, first.


Isshin could be taking care of the girls, but he might get in it if Ichigo falls... that'll be interesting to see.

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Isshin neeeeeeds to be there. he's captain level and they really need all the Captain level guys they can get. Some of their numbers have been cut down and Aizen is no slouch.

Come to think of it, Yamo aught to be getting his butt in gear along with everybody else. He'd be the worst kinda leader if he just sat his ass down and let his men do all the fighting.
Yamamoto's attacks seem rather area-of-effect, though. If a lot of his men are mixing with Aizen close up, it would be a bad idea to toast them as well as Aizen. And that's assuming he's absolutely sure (given Aizen's zanpakutou) of where he's aiming in the first place.)
he can still wield a sword. A little riposte and parry wouldn't be amiss.

I still wanna see Urahara and Isshin *sulks*.