Two weeks until we leave for Biloxi to rebuild houses again, and, as before, things are starting to pile up in a Big Way.

Mounted six paintings, figured out, in graphic detail why I will never use bottled ink ever again. Why, yes, the sparrow painting is pretty much compost now. Sewed six costumes for a musical. Got another TS chapter out. Got another chapter and bits of Winter War done. Have half of a promised Immer-fic/Y!Gal Kiriban done. Am freaking out over being 95% done with another chapter of TS and not sure where to cut the line and might end up with another 2000 words for the NEXT chapter done. I actually plotted TS out to the Bitter End. I am... not sure if I'm in mourning or birthing pains.

Jet and I folded origami boxes for his 17 Valentines together, and stuffed them with Hershey's kisses. He and I have been playing as often as possible before John and I go away for the trip.

Did a test shrimp boil last night as a test for feeding maybe 250-300 people tomorrow night. I'll be on kitchen duty from 2pm until we fall over or everyone's fed. Am packing for Biloxi to rebuild houses again. Painted a magnolia bowl for Empty Bowls, and am likely to go into the ceramics place to do another. Helping with part of an alpha test for a site, and it amused me to be able to read the #@$*&! stack to help the developers out on three different bugs I found. They were grateful for that. I was... pleased.

Ordered seeds to plant NOW to get the seedlings good and going for spring and shoveled the walk and driveway this morning, made early coffee for church, and I'm layleader next week for Valentine's Day and Jazz Sunday and I'll probably break out the purple silk and Silver Zoot suit.

omg... with the Saints winning tonight, the Shrimp Boil tomorrow is going to be INSANE. I hope we make enough to cover the costs of most of the other folks that are going on the trip to work. It's a fund-raiser for our Biloxi trip to help with food and travel and rental cars for the whole group of 20 folks.

Yes, we'll be in the Big Easy a bare week after Mardi Gras, and we're having pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and I'm on the hook for the King Cake. *laughs and laughs* John's Mom and Dad are arriving half a week before we leave, they'll be staying with Jet while we're gone.

This is going to be a very interesting couple of weeks.
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And now you can add to that celebrating a Super Bowl win.
Indeed!! It was an amazing come back from behind deal as well! Very much like the city... they're going to be partying all night, I suspect. *laughs*
You are incredibly busy and I am very admiring.

I look forward to more of TS, but I do understand the pain of seeing the end coming.
Whew... *laughs* Sometimes it feels like running off a cliff, as I NEED to get most of this done before the trip, and the Biloxi Bash, i.e. the shrimp boil is to make it all possible...

But yay! Progress!!

And you do understand that pain. *sighs a little* It would be fun to kind of get used to doing stuff like this and actually putting a satisfying ending on a long work. I suspect Winter War will be very much like this as well.
I'm sure something else will be written after that, now that we've all got the scent in our nostrils and our blood up . . .
Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear about the sparrow painting.

Another chapter of TS nearly done? Hooray! With possibly a jump start on the following chapter in the bargain? Double hooray!
Me, too. The ink ran all over the painting during the mounting process, and I was... well.. enlightened in a way, as I had been surprised by the Wisteria branch bleeding up onto the paper when it was mounted. Only now do I realize that it was actually the INK the bled, as ink is not supposed to be able to bleed. But... my bottled ink is old.

Now I have even more reason to use my stick ink, which has the stuff that becomes glue the moment it's rubbed thick enough, and water doesn't even make it blink once it's down and dry.

YAY! More TS! *dances about* It is coming along really well with antagonists going "Me! Me!! I NEED to do *this*!" *laughs*
And thus spake the sage: "Verily, my daughter, the first words of the first step towards enlightenment are often, 'Oh bugger.'"
There's something viscerally lovely about stick ink, anyhow. Mmmm.
Yeah, there's always this point where it becomes moot to wonder if I should do something. *laughs* If I get enough pressure I seem to just Do The MOST Important Thing Now... and just stop spending cycles on deciding, all those cycles go to doing... and it's wheee!!

Yes! Get seeds! I have gotten tomatoes to start, First Lady II's and Black Krimm. *dances about* They were yummy last year.