Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Good Turn Out

The Biloxi Bash turned out well.

The Pumphouse had let us use their Red Zone, their bar, for the party, basically closing that half of the restaurant and only letting people into the other half. If they had a ticket/donated to the Bash, they got to go into the Red Zone. We ended up not just selling all of the original 250 tickets, but selling a great deal more as well. It ended up being closer to 300 all told than not. At $10 apiece, that's close to $3000. Everyone was remarkably generous in addition to the tickets, and we got about $700 in on site donations as well.

Minus the cost of everything, we still made plenty to help cover the cost of housing, food, and rental cars for the whole 20+ person crew that is going. And enough over in other donations even before this, to start paying for building materials and tools for the Back Bay Mission as well.

John and I arrived at 2pm. He was there to set up, and I was there to help with the cooking. Jeff was in charge, and we had Max along to help, and the kitchen crew from the washing guy all the way up to the director of the kitchen were all told to help us out as much as they could. We ended up cooking and wrestling into steam trays more than 100 pounds of shrimp, 50 pounds of potatoes, 50 pounds of frozen sweet corn, and another 40 pounds of sausage.

We cooked them in a huge pot over an enormous propane burner, and did it in layers, with the potatoes first, then the corn, the sausage, and finally the shrimp.. Trying to mix all the layers evenly was hot work, and then getting it from the pot to the steam trays took a lot of towels, muscle, and patience. It worked out all right, though, and the food was spicy enough from the seasoning to make everyone's mouth just burn. *laughs*

There were also donations from Lucille's of red beans, rice, cornbread, and Hank's Eggs (an egg mix for the vegetarians as the red beans were chock full of meat). We ran completely out of all of those things less than halfway through, and the Pumphouse's kitchen crew came through in spades with bread, beans, and rice as well. That worked out amazingly well.

We filled and more than filled the Red Zone. By the time all the shrimp were cooked, Jet had arrived with a family that had picked him up from his Lego class, and brought him to the bash. He and I sat at the bar and ate a dinner we ordered off the menu and paid a bit extra for. After having worked with the shrimp boil for nearly five hours by that time, I needed salad. *laugh* So Jet had a corn dog and I had salad, and when we were done we just went home.

John didn't show up at home until 11 pm.

He got up every half hour to do a little announcement as to what the whole thing was about, why we were doing this and what the donations were for. Then four different speakers each took their turn, with slides as to what kind of work needed doing, in detail. The biggest thing was teaching folks that things still needed work there, that efforts were needed and appreciated, and that there was still a long way to go.

I did 15,000 steps yesterday and I'm still sore today. *laughs*

But I managed to get the last of the costumes for the Sunday School Musical "Moses and the Freedom Fighters" put together. I've found that there are three things, that when combined, can completely overwhelm my sense of perfectionism. 1) Being tired already, 2) having a deadline, and 3) being told, in no uncertain terms by the person in charge of the costumes that she just wanted them done. Just do the seams up and turn down the edges, that's all these need. The cutting job on the robes themselves lent themselves well to my 'just get it done' mentality. So I've now whipped through eight of the things, and am glad to be finished with everything she gave me.

So whew.

John and I were so tired from yesterday, I told Jet, "You get to decide on dinner tonight, because we're too tired to care."

He chose Noodles, and that was tasty and quick and simple enough for me. We talked about, of all things, the cavitation behind a propeller. *laughs* Turns out that when a propeller is turning it can create a vacuum behind itself in the water, an area of such low pressure that water spontaneously boils behind it. The big bubbles then burst, and cause turbulence and noise. The latter of which is something nuclear submarines want to avoid...

Yeah, I know. Dinner conversations in our house get... intricate. Along with a long argument about black holes and their relative mass to the Earth Jet and I got into while he was supposed to be doing homework. Ahem.

My fault.

Anyway... I should go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day and I'm happy to say I got the next chapter of Twin Souls to incandescens and she's been pleased by it. Whew.

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