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One of Those Days

I dunno. I know Crash calls me insane on days like today, but... some of these things just had to get done and the fact that the piled on top of each other for day was just.... I dunno. Conflaguration? Serendipity? Do dah? Uhm... right...

Finish cleaning the house for the cleaners
help make sure guest room is good for in-laws
get the *@$! out of the house
find breakfast somewhere
mammogram (damn that hurts) (but it's gooooood for me!)
allergy shots
mail two boxes of books back to their owner
buy 3 mailing tubes for paintings
package paintings (where the @$*&! did I put those addresses?)
mail paintings (sorry, agrimony, for missing your b-day by THAT much), one to Japan...
buy Hatful of Sky to read with Jet
buy lasagna makings, cinnamon rolls, garlic bread
make lasagna
go to Odysessy of the Mind JUDGE training (#@$!) from 6-9


John went and pulled Jet out of school a little early to take him to get John's parents from the airport. They'll be doing the kid sitting tonight, as John's got a church meeting, and I have the training... the school needed a volunteer, and so I'm helping out.

I also got a boxful of stuff from Oriental Art Supply that is just... inspiring. I got one of their birds and flowers books, a couple kinds of paper, and one of the classical dished ink stones. It's 5" in diameter, and very smooth and wonderful, no corners for ink stick ink to dry in as the stuff hardens with the lacquer in it, so it's important to be able to clean it out thoroughly each time I use it. I want to uuuuuse it! But I gotta run to training.

John has a cold, and when it keeps him up at night, it's been kind of keeping me up as well. Bleh... I'm drinking Airborne like crazy and I hope it'll keep me well until after the trip. *laughs* I usually do okay if I hit enough stress points often enough, my body seems to understand Not Now, but I'll pay for it later. *laughs*
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