Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


There's a marketing guy at work who has season Ave's tickets and just got his tickets for the second round of playoffs and half an hour ago, offered his first game's tickets up for sale. They're in the corner, but nearly on the ice...


Before Jet we'd have jumped on 'em without a thought. But getting a babysitter on a 'school night' that'll take him until, perhaps 1 or two in the morning if it goes into overtime... so we asked the ticket holder if they let 2 and under in for free if the kid sits in our laps... and found that the Ticketmaster rule sheet says "Children 2 and under free if they sit in a ticketholder's lap" *and* the line "Varys by event."

Then we actually thought about a fifteen-month-old at 1 am in a huge crowd, and, actually with Jet he'll probably just be asleep no matter how loudly the crowd roars, he slept through a party with a band so loud no one could talk over it when he was less than a week old. Still. Then there's the fact that John and I aren't what we used to be and waking up at 6 every morning with a very happy, active Jet who doesn't have any clue what the words "sleep in you'll need it tonight" mean is not very conducive to being coherent at 1 in the morning for a thirty minute drive back home.

We finally had to decide not to do it, and I'm a little sad, but not regretful. I had assumed we'd give up this kind of stuff when we decided to have a kid, and it was pretty cool to *think* about it for a while, but... what's important to us changes.

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